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MAUD, Our wine tour guide around the Canal du Midi

Maud Franchet accompagnatrice et chauffeur sur les routes du canal du midi pour vin 4 heures tourMy name is Maud and I'm enthusiast about History and histories and about the French old car LA 2CV !

I live in a little village along the Canal, close to Narbonne, Sallèles d'Aude. I met wonderful people, they learn me about their area, their local products, wealth of the region particularly vineyards and wine and also olive oil, honey…. 

My new region is a real post card with the canal, umbrella pines, Minervois hills, Pyrenees. I wish to discover to you my countryside with my mythics cars, to meet winegrowers and their wine, to ride through the vineyards and olive trees.





TIPHAINE, Sommelier and guide workshops vineyards and wines

Tiphaine Thibert, sommelière et animatrice des ateliers de Vin 4 heures tourI was born in the Rhône and grew up in a rural area respectful of the values ​​of our ancestors and the land. My taste for food and wine has also been developed eclectically.
Rocked by family meals on one side, around a small kitchen "yellow bellies" and on the other, on sunny dishes from our Mediterranean origins accompanied by wines from the Rhone Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon. The wine is then quickly introduced to me as obvious, synonymous with sharing and discovery, but above all as a reflection of a soul, a life. A wine for each moment, for each person.
In 2013 comeback after a conversion into the world of wine, I got a Sommelier Complementary Mention near Grenoble. Life is made of surprises and encounters me here today with Isabelle CASTRO in our beautiful region, armed with such a strong passion for human as for wine, waiting only for you;)

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